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About Loader Parts Source, Inc.

How does a business grow from one man selling replacement parts for skid loaders out of his garage to a company with 27 employees and a substantial remanufacturing and distribution center in Elkhart, Indiana? It’s a great story...

Construction, landscape and agriculture equipment repair shops can be challenging businesses. Levi Burkholder knows this first hand. He rebuilt his first engine at 14 years old in his father’s repair shop. Hydraulic systems were evolving and there was always something new to learn. His father didn’t have time to figure it all out, so Levi ended up learning the systems as they evolved. He started a repair business in 1996 called Burkholder Repair, serving Wakarusa, IN and the surrounding area.

“Every day was a different challenge because we worked on a wide variety of farm and construction equipment,” says Levi. “I had a team of 4 guys. Skid-steer loaders were used in both farming and construction so we saw a lot of them, but there weren’t any good suppliers for skid-steer parts. We worked hard to get the parts we needed at a customer friendly price.”

After 10 years in the repair business, Levi made the decision to close shop so he could take care of his daughter, who had developed leukemia. Once she recovered, he began selling leftover inventory from the repair shop. Customers were happy to find these parts and really appreciated dealing with someone who had the skills to tell them if they actually needed to replace the part they thought was defective. Enjoying this and remembering how hard it was to locate these parts, he started Loader Parts Source out of his garage in 2008. “I believed I could provide quality parts with quicker delivery times, at a better price, and with better technical support for those doing the repairs, either in repair shops or through the user’s own capabilities,” says Levi.

Loader Parts Source grew rapidly and soon began offering rebuilt components in response to customer demand. When vendors couldn’t keep up, a repair shop started inside LPS, this time focusing only on the hydraulic components instead of the complete machine.

The company’s offerings have grown from hydraulic pumps and drive motors to include undercarriage parts, starters, engines, alternators, seals, bearings, and radiators, with more to come. Today LPS tries to supply the items that are needed when running a full scale shop. We work hard to understand exactly what our customers are facing today.

When asked why he thinks the company has been successful, Levi says, “It’s because we have always cared more about helping our customers actually fix the equipment they’re working on than we do about just selling parts. Anyone can run down a part and resell it. We offer troubleshooting advice and technical assistance, and then come through with the right part in a way that is fast, easy and fair.”

The company has grown to a size where there are departmental responsibilities for sales and marketing, operations, manufacturing and information technology. Over the years it’s become more about our way of working than the work itself. The team has defined their values and refers to them as the “LPS Way.” They include caring for people, honoring relationships with our customers and each other, doing the right thing in every situation, apologizing when we are wrong, accepting responsibility when we fail, and asking others to step up when they need to. These core values give everyone direction and a yard stick for success.