Leaking Wheel Motor on a Skid Steer


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Some customers believe that they can repair a leaking motor by sealing the motor with the installation of a new seal kit. Replacing seals in the drive motor of a wheeled skid steer will not necessarily repair leak issues.

Leaking motors and worn seals are usually symptoms of the actual problem. Worn bearings and other internal damage is usually the cause of these leaks. Worn bearings can cause premature wear and failure of a shaft seal. Internal damage can cause additional pressure within a motor and force a seal to blow out. In these cases replacing seals will not provide lasting results. It is important to identify the true cause of the leak.

Worn carrier bearing seals can also give the appearance of a leaking motor on the bearingless style motors. These seals tend to fail due to a faulty motor. When replacing a motor it is always a good idea to replace these seals at the same time.


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