Loader Parts Source of Elkhart, IN Celebrates 10th Birthday


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Loader Parts Source celebrates 10th Birthday

Elkhart, IN Company Celebrates 10th Birthday

Join us in celebrating a big milestone. As of September 15th, 2018, Loader Parts Source has spent 10 years providing fast, easy and fair skid steer parts to operators all over the world, joining about 36% of businesses according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

With the intent to supply repair parts that were difficult to find, Levi Burkholder started the company out of his garage by selling parts he located for use in his own repair shop and not only brought others in to help fuel growth, but also implemented processes to become one of the first suppliers for remanufactured track drive motors.

“Our offering brought accountability to the dealer’s distribution network,” Burkholder recalls about the impact on the market. “Within two years of bringing new parts to the market, new OEM replacement options dropped by 35% in price.”

Through word of mouth and existing connections, the business grew to over $1mil in sales annually within 2 years. Original equipment manufacturers have felt the pressure that Loader Parts Source has generated and have since initiated their own programs to remanufacture drive motors.

Loader Parts Source is dedicated to quality – they know fixing a machine once is bad enough so there should be no reason to do it a second time. In the pursuit of excellence, LPS has achieved a high standard for their quality test. According to them, 25% of OEM remanufactured units tested in-house failed to meet their standards. Other aftermarket suppliers compared much worse.

Over these 10 years, Loader Parts Source served over 30,000 unique customers and currently has a 4.6 out of 5 stars on Google reviews. Burkholder credits this rating to the company’s commitment to their core values of reaching towards wholeness, leaving it all on the field, commitment, and dependability.

As the company continues to provide more purchasing options to skid steers, adding items daily to the tens of thousands of parts available in stock for various skid steer brands and models, they add more value to their customers. This year, they reduced shipping costs for customers by adding a USPS option for smaller packages.

One of the most valuable services offered is the technical advice that the customer service representatives give. Loader Parts Source has an in-house training program to teach new employees the ins and outs of skid steer parts. Over the years, the staff has grown to nearly thirty employees. Their tech tips are available online and they offer a free monthly newsletter to anyone who wants to know more about their skid steer.

If you are interested in learning more about Loader Parts Source, the best way is to either get on the phone and talk to a service representative or browse their website. This company is an inspiration to pursue the American dream as well as change the market. 


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