John Deere Machinery: A Brief History


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John Deere 280 Skid Steer, Photo Via WikiMedia Commons

In honor of our country’s Independence Day, we want to celebrate a couple of brands we service that remain owned by American companies. Earlier, we covered Caterpillar and today we want to cover John Deere. You can visit their website for a complete timeline, but we’ll take you through just a few of their highlights as it relates to parts we carry.

A Brief History

John Deere was first incorporated as Deere and Company in 1868, but John Deere himself had a history of caring for farmers’ concerns. John Deere, located in Grand Detour, IL, was a blacksmith by trade and transitioned to a manufacturer in 1838. He moved to Moline, IL in 1848 to form a business partnership and gain access to the Mississippi for power and transportation.

One of the first major branding changes was when John Deere bought out his partner over a quality dispute. John Deere wanted to ensure that they were selling high-quality goods so that they wouldn’t get beat out by their competitors. Another interesting branding aspect is that John Deere has the longest continuously used trademark in American history among Fortune 500 companies. Trademarked the leaping deer, the logo was registered in 1876.

Starting as a blacksmith in 1837, the company initially provided many plow tools for farmers. Their first tractor came in 1918 with the acquisition of Waterloo Gasoline Engine Company. Five years later, John Deere produced their first tractor, the Model D, with the John Deere name. The first skid steer released by the company was the 24 model in 1970, followed by the 70 and 170 models in 1972. In the year between, John Deere premieres their “Nothing Runs Like a Deere” trademarked slogan.

In recent news, John Deere is anticipating a strong 2018. Various factors like equipment costs, customer incomes, and logistics play a role in the outlook.

Proud Service

Our staff is proud to offer John Deere parts and technical advice to skid steer operators in need. By providing fast, easy and fair service we can help you operate more efficiently. We hope to help you grow as we grow and offer more products along with that growth. Please contact us with any feedback.


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