Type of Hydraulic Oil used in Skidsteer.


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A question that we are asked frequently by our customers is “After flushing the hydraulic system (usually done during replacement of a failed component), what type of oil should I use to refill my skid steer?"

The fluid we recommend is most often called a Tractor Hydraulic Fluid. The primary application for this fluid is in farm tractor transmissions, it is available at TSC, Napa, Auto Zone, or any farm dealer, etc. We always look for the IH (International Harvester, it’s a brand name) B6 specification. Not that there is anything special about this spec, it is equivalent to many other manufacturer's specs, but it is easy to remember. Some manufacturer’s have recommended 10W30 motor oil for use in the hydraulic system. While this will work fine, it does cost quite a bit more.


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