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Loader Parts Source Store Policies

Customer satisfaction is a high priority to Loader Parts Source. We desire to provide a fast, easy, and fair experience to all of our customers. Our policies are written to help us acheive that goal.

If you ever experience a problem that cannot be resolved within the framework of these policies, please give us a call. We would like the opportunity to provide you with satisfaction that is fast, easy, and fair.

Return Policy:

See our No-Risk Return Policy.


Core Return/Refund Policy:

In order to receive a full credit for the core, you must complete and return the Core Return Policy form within 30 days of date of purchase, and the core unopened and without physical damage.

Deductions from deposits include, but are not limited to the following:

  • 50% reduction for cores that have been opened up or tampered with. There is variable deductions for missing parts and external damage to parts (not a result of normal wear)
  • 10% reduction per month starting 30 days after purchase date for late returns. Shipping label will be included with the Core Return Policy form (good for 30 days from date of purchase) for return shipping not requiring freight
  • Please take all fittings off of pumps/motors.  There will be $100 charge for any fittings left on and you will be charges for shipping to return the fittings.  


    If return requires freight please call your customer service representative (866-573-3659) to arrange pick up (we will pay for core returns within the lower 48 states only)


    Core deposits are waived if the complete and assembled core is sent in prior to shipping your order. Please contact our customer service team with any questions you may have about your core.


    Warranty Policy:

    See our Warranty Policy.


    Inventory & Stocking Policy:

    At Loader Parts Source, Inc. we attempt at all times to keep items offered here on our web site in stock and available for shipping by the next business day. Unfortunately we can't always foresee customer demand and we occasionally run out of stock. When this occurs a customer service representative from Loader Parts Source, Inc. will make every effort possible to let you know that your item will not ship by the next business day. They will inform you of the estimated shipping time along with the option to receive a full refund. You may always call or email first and get an inventory update on the item you want to purchase.


    Purchasing Policy:

    By placing an order with Loader Parts Source you are acknowledging the following:

    • You are an authorized user of the debit or credit card being used for payment in the transaction.
    • You have supplied the correct delivery address for the shipment.
    • All shipments made by Loader Parts Source are insured and a signature will be required at time of delivery. This can be waived by contacting our customer service team and authorizing that no signature be required.


    Unclaimed Merchandise Policy:

    Any unclaimed merchandise left in the care of Loader Parts Source for over 60 days will become the property of Loader Parts Source, Inc. Such merchandise shall include, but is not limited to: cores, items left for repair, and warranty merchandise.